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This figure is another commissioned work for my friend Ed who is a fellow member of the South Florida GIJoe Club. I did the first two last year for him as a tribute to a good friend of his Sy Mermelstien. Well, it seems ole Sy kinda bragged a whole bunch to one of his fellow Veterans of the FSSF who in turn asked ed if we would do one for him as well. I had no problem filling that bill!

The head sculpt is from Dragon # 283 Volkmar Nacht. I stripped and repainted the head with oils. The eyes were done with acrylics, and some shading with pastels.
The uniform parts are all Dragon from various sets. The buttons on the M41 coat are functional.

The equipment is a mix of Dragon and DID from the parts bin. The web belt is from DID with the Dragon buckles. The M36 webbing is all hand made using the modified Dragon slides and hooks. Every part was modified and weathered. All of the equipment straps were replaced with better material. The second Canteen pouch is full of granades as per a suggestion from Sy Mermelstien (a combat Vetreran of the group) as to what they carried, what they left behind and how they carried things when on patrol.

The Jeep cap is from DID from one of the recent releases and is quite good! The Battlegear toys version I'd say is slightly better in my opinion but this one will do nicely.

All the lift dots are from Red Planet Toys.

The sleave insignia is from Patches of Pride as usual they did a bang up job! The rank insignia is from CVI.

The boots are from Newline Miniatures, and were weathered with acrylic paints.

The molded glove hands are from Dragon and are well weathered.

The weapon is from Dragon was repainted using a variation of Mountaintroopers method. The sling is from a Dragon M1 Garand that I found in the parts bin. Everything was weathered heavily with acrylics, oils and pastels.

The base was made with Celluclay and woodland sceenics grasses and bushes. I also put some leaves on it from a pair of punches using real leaf material.
The FSSF pin was bought from amazon.



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Nice work, Hank!

Love the Volkmar repaint, the scarf, and the turned up collar on the figure!

Kinda funny that you chose Volkmar - he was on the other side of the Anzio perimeter, if memory serves me correctly...

And I really like the tip from your friend Sy about carrying grenades in the canteen covers. Pretty cool!

The FSSF is a great group full of interesting history. It's always cool to see more of them in 1:6th!


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Wonderful figure, Hank. You have become the go-to guy for FSSF subjects, and that has had some great benefits.
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