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Friday Birthday Happyness!! 1/11/08

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Well if no one else is going wish these fellow members a fantabulous and most jam packed with 1/6 goodies birthday - then allow me...


LiQuiDor515 (33), saracen_jedi (33), ghettoenhanced (33), Armchair_Ranger (27)

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Happy Birthday! I'm sure the help is greatly appreciated but perhaps you ought to give the person that normally does this a break. These staff positions are a volunteer and people must remember that our staff have lives, jobs families ect. My two cents...
Whoa there SkyDancer! I wasn't bashing anyone at all. Trust me, I know Keith personally and have all the respect in the world for him. Usually by this time of the day though somebody else posts some sort of birthday thread by now, so I was just simply saying "well if nobody else has done it by now, then allow me!"

So again, HAPPY BIRTHDAYS guys!

I brought in a couple extras to help smooth things over....

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No worries ;)
Happy Birthday fellow Capricorns! Let's hear it for the goat-fish.
Happy Birthday Troopers! Have a fun and play fair!

#3 is for Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Happy birthday, guys!!! :D

Diggin' #'s 2 & 4!

- Ian
Happy B-day, men!!

Archangel 6:
Those are the best holiday harbingers anyone could ask for.

Men, take care and have a fantastic weekend.

All the best,
SoF :ar15
No patience. Just got to give the man a chance. He never let's us down. But as it is, A four-fer today! I hope you all have a great day. Play hard and stay safe.
I love Birthdays!!!! Oh yeah, Happy Birthday folks, have a damn great day.

Happy Birthday Guys!!!!!!
Lost my job at a call center on my b-day that day, sigh. Oh well, guess there'll be no figures for me for a while. Hated the job anyways, interrupting people's lives and all.
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