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The 10ème Bataillon Parachutiste de Chasseurs à Pied (10ème BPCP, Parachute Battalion of Foot Riflemen) was deployed in Indochina from 1950 to 1952. It particularly distinguished itself in the defence of the Red River Delta and the Thai Highlands, both in North Vietnam, all along 1951. It did three battalion-sized operational jumps and won two unit citations.

The figure is typical of the appearance of the battalion in Spring 1951 (one of several the 10e BPCP paratroopers did have along their tour), wearing the French M1947 jump uniform and M1950 jump boots, mixed with US and British equipment and armament.

This is another project which needed some research and actual work to complete.: uniform, jump boots, part of the equipment and insignia are custom, and most of the other parts have been modified in some ways.
During the R&D phase of Little French Army/DiD "Marcel", I had many measurements taken from original jump smock and trousers, and even if it was not ultimately used (and they got it wrong), the information was archived and found good use for my own project... in the end. Finding the appropriate fabric, similar shade and good weight for the scale, was another quest which took me some time, but this is one of the fun parts of making your own stuff in this hobby.


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Reference pictures and part list :

(picture courtesy

M1950 jump boots

HS.: DML, modified, repainted and moustached
Body.: ZC Toys narrow shoulder male, modified
Hands.: ZC Toys, repainted

USM1 helmet.: DiD, modified, new bales and chinstraps, liner repainted and A-straps added
M1947 jump jacket.: custom
M1947 jump trousers.: custom
M1950 jump boots.: custom (soles from BBI boots)

USM1936 pistol belt.: Toy Soldier, modified
Pat' 44 waterbottle.: DML, custom pouch
Jungle First Aid Kit.: Soldier Story
Carbine mag locally-made leather pouch.: custom
US camouflage jungle pack.: DiD

Watch.: DML, modified, custom strap
M1918 ID tag.: custom

USM1 carbine.: DML, repainted, custom sling
USM3 fighting knife.: BBI, repainted, modified scabbard
M1937 grenades.: DiD/Little French Army, repainted

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