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I become with the boxe "BBI Bruno" from Monjey Depot.
I change or add :

- New head because the orginal was too large and uggly.
- New uniform from the old version "Leon Javert". Bruno's uniform is too loose. The french soldier wear more slim uniform contrary to the baggy style of the US soldiers.
- DiD boots because the BBI are always too big and crap.
- Soldier Story green gloves

Its not finished. I have to paint the famas and make a stand from Afghanistan.

Before :

After :

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Looks Good Phillipe,
I have 2 Fench Soldier Figures planned is almost finished and the other...well I still need to carve soem Infos....
I always liked the Leon Javert Uniform better than the Bruno one...I really like how your Version of Bruno looks...:devilhnd
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