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French Napoleonic Greatcoat .

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French Napoleonic Greatcoat:

A fairly straightforward conversion from one of the BattlegearToys ACW greatcoats : these are really nice , and come in dark blue , mid blue , and various grey and butternut shades . They would be useful for all sorts of period coats .
I used the Grey mounted pattern : these come from BGT or Monkey Depot:

The BGT coat is made from brushed cotton , which makes a convincing woolen fabric in 1/6th . It has a nap on one side , which makes it look dense , yet the fabric is very thin and light . It is very easy to sew , lending itself readily to conversions

I removed the cape , which provided plenty of material to make a new standing collar ( just a simple rectangle , which replaces the existing one ) and a pair of shoulder straps. Notice the little bits of Plastikard in the buttonholes , which hold them open whilst the glue dries around the hole :

The coat comes with nice working buttons : they have CS on them for the observant, but I happened to have some I'd made earlier for this figure , so I used them instead .
Until 1806 , soldiers had to supply their own , which led to a very motley appearance . They were thereafter issued regimentally , and although the colour varied , it was uniform within each battalion : in theory ! They often looked extremely scruffy :

Original French soldiers greatcoats are extremely rare : I believe there may be one surviving in France at the Musee de L'Emperi , but we only really have contemporary pics to go on . They inevitably varied in pattern and quality , being single or double breasted , and made in a variety of shades , from various greys through brownish and and off-white .The vent at the back was sometimes long , extending above the half-belt , and sometimes rather short .

Et maintenant , Denis portait sa nouvelle capote :

The Garde wore double breasted dark blue versions of superior make.
Some of the better ones may have had more cloth in the back , gathered into pleats , but others would be quite skimpy ( military suppliers always try to save fabric in order to make more profit ! ).
They were worn most of the time on campaign , often , in warmer weather , over the waistcoat instead of the coat , which would be carried in the knapsack .
They were also used to sleep in , sometimes by placing the legs in the arms and wrapping the skirts round the head .

This one is just thin enough to roll and carry on the knapsack:

Of course ,you won't have to make one of these , since the expected new DiD French Infantryman comes with a greatcoat …..

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Chouette, alors! Impecable.

Un super-malin changement a l'originale.

Et, dit-doncs, Jean n'as pas de longues moustaches cette fois ci? ;)

Great mods, Tony Barton. That fig is freaking spectacular. :)
Great tutorial Tony! I may try this for one of my figures
Pas des Moustaches ,L-G : il est un Fusilier ! Les Moustaches sont interdit....
mais merci beaucoup pour la pensee .
Thanks , Gents : he's been here before , but not with the coat.
Tony Barton said:
Pas des Moustaches ,L-G : il est un Fusilier ! Les Moustaches sont interdit....
mais merci beaucoup pour la pensee . ...
Je dirais meme plus (comme Dupont et Dupont :) ) "Canardeur, plutot!" (Avec la voix de Capitaine Haddock)

Des sacres bettes reglements, ces Francais. Pas une seulle guerre ou bataille a etes perdue avec ou sans la presence d'une moustache. ;) ;) :lol

I was just messin', bud. :clap
I can't speak French so I'll just say......Masterful workmanship Tony ;)
As always MR Barton, impressive as all get out !!
Daaaaaaaaamn! That pretty amazing.
Always a pleasure to see your work Tony.
Great job Tony, as usual!

Hehe,and I can see some you guys can speak good French! Bravo les gars! ;)
Tony Barton said:
Of course ,you won't have to make one of these , since the expected new DiD French Infantryman comes with a greatcoat …..
I almost missed that line, but it's the best news I heard in weeks! Thank God for you Tony, I figured the project had all but died out again. Does the greatcoat look good in your opinion?

On topic though, a very very nice piece, but we've come to expect no less of the Master. Thanks for shoowing it to us.
WOW!!!!!!!!!! Amazing Mr Barton!

Monsieur très gentil..... mon Français devrait être meilleur (j'ai habité à Paris mais n'ai appris rien)
Great coat customization! Fantastic figure as well!
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