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Har-har, made you look. ;)

No, I haven't gone modern, nor francophile. This is another figure in my continuing build-up of French and Indian War figures etc. Known as The Seven Years War in Europe. Everything's to the 1750s era.

America was still under British rule at the time, and this war pitted Britain against France for ultimate control over North America as it took place here. Each side had it's respective Indian allies.

This figure represents a French Marine sergeant of the period, noted by his sleeve piping and hat trim.

It was very common for sergeants to still carry the halberd, a throwback to earlier days, as a sign of rank. Just as often they would trade this out for a firearm.

The Marine grey justacorps coat was well known throughout their empire and colonies.

The high-cocked tricorn was regulation wear with the justacorps.

"French-fly" breeches were more comfortable and easier to manage than the standard British "drop-fly".

The high gaiters were standard and regulation wear.

On the American frontier, it was quickly discovered that much of the European standard for gear and tactics was unsuitable. Very often the tomahawk was substituted in the belt frog. The short and light French style hangers or hunting swords still found practical usage in hand to hand combat and were often retained.

Typical Frenchmen of the day were quite short. Sometimes around 5 feet tall or so (the enlistment regulations regarding minimum height of around 5'6" were obviously overlooked). Nevertheless, the French Marines were a respected and efficient fighting force throughout France's colonies.

Nude and HS- TS Kenn Miller.....absolutely perfect for this project
Felt hat-scratched
Sleeve braid-scratched
Gaiters (leather buttons, too)-scratched
Leather garters and buckles-scratched
Leather straight-last shoes-scratched
Belt, buckle, and frog-scratched
Hanger (sword) and leather scabbard-scratched
Tomahawk (hand hammered metal)-scratched
Halberd (metal head and wooden shaft)-scratched

The anchors on the justacorps turnbacks were a hurdle until I figured to just sculpt a master/plug and create a mold of it. I ran four of them while casting some items for a board member. The real ones are of cloth, but at this scale they simply fall apart when made of fabric. I am quite proud of the results...minor/insignificant as they may be.

This one took me almost five days from beginning to end to design and make all the stuff. Too long for my taste. Indians are faster and easier ;) .

Thanks for looking. :)

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He may be more labor-intensive than Indian warriors, but definitely worth it. A fine bit of creation, Armand. Kenn Miller makes an excellent Marin. So, given the effort needed, does this mean no Marines for him to order about?

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Thanks, my friends. I'm humbled by your comments.

PD, oh, I reckon he'll need a corporal and maybe a private at the very least to tower over. But, Indians will play the majority of the roles.

While certainly not the favorite flavor of the board and all but a forgotten page in History, your responses are encouraging and hopefully others will find some interest in the era. No chance or hope of a manufacturer making these, but folks can certainly make their own stuff as I have. If I can do it, anybody can.

Many thanks to all, again. :)

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Outstanding work, LG. Literally, from head to toe, no i's left undotted or t's uncrossed.
Love the weapons and what I assume were tediously labourious work on the little black and brass buttons and the anchors.
Little details like those are my favourites to gawk at.

Great pose also, works really nicely in the last picture. A Very nice surprise with no teasers from the chat :)
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