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I posted pics of this figure when he was partway done. Now he's a lot further along with just one further things to attempt.

I've used an Action Man (the British version of GI Joe) because this is what first got me hooked on 1/6 back when I was just 5 years old. I wanted to see just how far I could push a Joe into realism. SO here he is, complete with fuzzy head, moving eagle eyes and lobster claw hands.

Changes since my first posting on this bash include:
  • He now has a correct for period, Lee Enfield Mk 3.
    • The sling has been Blancoed. He's holding it in a hasty sling wrapped around his left hand and left elbow to brace the rifle for greater shooting accuracy.
    • I've attached a sword bayonet. I've got a belt carrier for a scabbard - but I can't find a scabbard for a sword bayonet for sale. So I guess my next project is trying to make one.
  • Toned down the stitching on the scabbard of his knife - previously a rather bright white - I applied some brown show polish
  • Applied another coat of Blanco (actually the tarrago method) to all of his web gear. There's kit from 4 different manufacturers now, originally in a variety of colours and finishes so Blancoing it really ties it all together.

For those that haven't seen my earlier post, I've weathered his uniform.
  • Sandpapered knees, elbows, butt for a worn look.
  • Used paint and chalk to give a fraying affect on his hem, cuffs, pocket flaps, pocket corners.
  • Drybrushed all of his uniform to give a dusty effect
  • Drybrushed knees, elbows, butt and a few other locations to add some light mud.
  • Used diluted black acrylic paint to add sweat under his armpits, under his waist belt, down his back, etc
  • Added brass webbing tab ends to some pieces that were missing it (some of them already had it)
  • Inserted lead weights inside his pack, pouches and ammo sling to get them to hang properly (otherwise they tend to float a bit). Unfortunately this makes him a bit top heavy so he HAS to have a stand.
  • Faded the beret with chalk to simulate lots of washing in soap and water
  • Added the ribbons at the back of his beret

If you want to know more, you can find the original post here... Action Man (GI Joe) Indochine Kitbash

Comments welcome.
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