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This is my French Foreign Legion Corporal in the Gulf War:

-Body: DML
-Headsculpt: DML "Horst Lerner" (repainted)
-NBC suit: handmade
-Flak Vest: Handmade
-Helmet: BBI (with handmade cover)
-Boots: handmade using BBI boot soles
-Cébé goggles: custom (i made it using parts from 2 different goggles and lenses from an old 1/1 sunglasses)
-FAMAS rifle: BBI
-Bayonet: Armoury with modified BBI sheath
-suspenders: handmade
-Belt: handmade using BBI buckles
-Gas mask carrier: Armoury with custom leg straps
-Magazine pouches: Armoury, modified
-Rifle cleaning kit: handmade
-First aid kit: handmade
-Canteen: BBI with modified DML cover
-TR-PP-11B radio: Hasbro, customized

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INCREDIBLE Ronaldo.......this is a project I was dreaming about for AGES.....and YOU just made all the ESSENTIAL parts,like the NBC Suit,Body Armor and the pouches yourself.... :jawdrop WOW Hats off to you....
...and that Radio turned out VERY nice too.....could you provide a pattern for the Vest???
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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