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"Freddy's Dead"

Pre-ordering opening on the 17th of March (THIS FRIDAY)

Each set contains (Limited to 20 sets):
  • Fully articulated Freddy Krueger figure with tailored outfit, Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger as portrayed in part 6 (the final nightmare) of the Nightmare on Elmstreet Franchise.
  • Freddy Krueger part 6 'creepy smile' head
  • Freddy Krueger part 6 'Evil snarl' head
  • Freddy's fedora with real fabric trim
  • Black work boots (as appeared in part 6)
  • x2 pairs of 1-6 scale replica 3d glasses which can fit on Freddy's head
  • Freddy's trademark razor-claw glove right hand as seen in part 6 (with additional welding marks)
  • Freddy's burnt left hand in open hand pose + one additional left hand position
  • Freddy's 'Power Glove' razor-claw glove
  • Carlos's ear spider creature
  • Ohio road map with the words 'you're ****ed' written in blood in the middle
  • replica 1-6 poster of 'Gateway to Morpheus' as appeared in the movie
  • Newspaper clipping of missing Loretta Krueger
  • Beautiful wooden black base with 3d sculpted name plate 'Freddy's dead: the final nightmare'
  • Custom packaging and CoA (to be shown)

Art director/Project Director - Sean Dabbs + Viola Wittrocka (Strange and Unusual Productions)
Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger from part 6 portrait and sculpted items - Sean Dabbs
Portrait painting, hand painting, figure assembly - Viola Wittrocka
Tailoring - @dobro_tan

Preorder instructions:
- The exact time of preorder open will be announced on March 16th sometime around 10 AM GMT via both IG and Facebook page announcements. I cannot realistically message people individually (and mass emailing people the morning of usually results in my emails ending up in SPAM boxes) so please pay attention to these social media locations.

  • At that time email me at "[email protected]" with your intention to pay. I will then direct you to send payment at a PayPal address delivered via the email.
  • Payment needs to be sent immediately after you have received the email response from me.

-Once payment has been sent please respond to my email response that you have paid and include the payment information asked for below in the email. I will not be holding spots or making exceptions to the payment instructions.
*Do not attempt to send payment without first emailing me or getting a response via email from me. If any "unauthorized" payments are sent they will be refunded.

- Preorders are made on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis based on order of payments/emails received.

- Set cost is $1200 plus 5% paypal fees, plus shipping at time of completion.

Payment as follows:
- Single payment up front of $1200 plus 5% fees. Shipping will be collected at time of completion.


Payment plan as follows:
  • Deposit of $400 plus 5% due at time of preorder
  • Payment 2 of $400 plus add 5% due July 1st
  • Balance of $400 plus add 5% due within the last 2-3 months of completion of the set ( I will give a heads up when the final payment is coming due).
  • Shipping will be collected at the time of completion and when shipping is imminent

With your payment please include all of the following information IN A PAYMENT NOTE (i.e. it needs to be WITH the payment) as well as in the email response as described above:
  • Name
  • Facebook name, IG handle, forum name etc.
  • What you are buying (i.e. FREDDY'S DEAD set DEPOSIT)
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

If you have any questions feel free to message me on Instagram (@seandabbs), my Facebook page (Sean Dabbs) or email me at [email protected]
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Freddy'd Dead Pre-ordering opens tomorrow at 10AM GMT

Email me at [email protected] at 10AM GMT Tomorrow to secure your place ($400 deposit needed)

Since talking to fans I've taken feedback on board for the production run:

  • Hat is adjusted so that it fits on head at a better angle
  • Blades on both gloves have been shortened to be more accurate to Freddy's Dead
  • Pants will be re-tailored to be more baggy looking
  • Cuffs on the Sweater will be shortened


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