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FR bashes

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One of these days, I'll get a digital camera that can handle more than 2 mega pixels, but I'm cheap so that could be a while. For now, here are my FR bashes.

.50 cal sniping....

FR combat diver




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DAMN!!!2 meg or not,those pics look nice.
Nice work my friend... No fare teasing with the " FR " acronym. I thought you ment "FREE" LOL,LOL... I wish. Very nice work.
Great figures - gear selection etc. looks spot-on, good work! :thumb
Let's see some more pics of the first guy!
Cool bashes. I just received that DID HS. Ya give me some ideas on using it for a bash.
Man, those are some great looking figures!

- Ian
Damn!! If it wasn't for the wrist joint I thought the 50cal sniper was 1:1.

Well done on all!!
WOW !! Very nice. I like the diver.
Nice Force Recon bashes!!!
Thanks for kind words, guys. Some more .50 cal shots.

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Hiya, Lomax0000!

Great looking figures! The Barrett sniper is especially impressive. Pics have a neat effect too...

Proud son of Rose and Wes
Some great stuff up there mate, the Barrett sniper is lethal.
Awesome Recon men and superb pictures! For me its a toss up between the crowd favourite 50cal sniper and the classic woodland Recon Marine.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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