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The problems (last week?) apparently originated with malware attached to third party advertising, which I believe is linked to us from upstream, in the whole "empire". I believe there's been internet attacks as well, in the KC area our cable and internet have been dicey (not sure if the recent weather affected it as well).
I'll contact our super high speed cyber defense team (c'mon, stop laughing), and given them what info we've got.
Meanwhile, do some bashing, play with the kids, pet the dog(s) or cat(s), and maybe watch thatDVD you usually don't have time for.


I'll be heading to my offsite storage facility to peruse through what I accumulated. If I don't post for a couple of weeks and you read or see some news story about a guy found dead in a storage facility apparently crushed by large cases of 1:6 action figures, then you'll know it was me.

;) :p
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