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? for Rogerbee

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I am bidding on a loose and, from what I can tell, complete BBI Lucifer. I don't really want it for myself but bid on it with you in mind. I remembered reading it is your holy grail but I couldn't remember if you wanted it in the box or not. I am currently winning so if you are interested pm me with your top price and I will try to win it for you. I am only offering because the seller makes no mention of shipping to the UK and I know how bad you want the figure.
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Boy oh boy,

This is soooooooo tempting. A lot can happen in 3 days and something in that pic is bugging me. There should be a pair of magazines in that case and I can't tell if they're in there. The gun being complete is one of the main reasons why I want a boxed one.

This is what should be in that case:

Image uploading. Refresh page to view

You can clearly see them in that pic, but not in the eBay one. Tell you what, ask the seller if they're in there, let me know what he says and we'll take it from there.

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Just a thought, but wouldn't it be easier to track down the magazines after the fact if the seller doesn't have them than try to find the whole figure again later. If it were me, I would grab it and then look for the items that weren't there as that is part of the fun of our hobby. I spent 2 years tracking down the perfect parts for my Indy fig and the satisfaction I felt when I found a part I needed was immense. But I did send the seller a question about the magazines and we will see what happens.
I sort of see where you're coming from, but, those magazines are extremely unlikely to turn up loose anywhere. In all the time I've known about Lucifer I have never once seen that gun loose anywhere. He is one of those figures that people never ever seem to part out. If the magazines are there then we'll talk. This is one of those opportunities that doesn't come along very often, so it's better to know from the get go that everything you need is there. He has to be 100% intact for me to really be interested.

Huge props and kudos to you, thainer, for making the effort to help out a fellow collector.


As it happens, I have those two magazines, loose. If you happen to get the e-bay Lucifer that's for sale, I'll give you my 2 extras, if it doesn't have them. I know what it's like to search for an elusive figure, and I'd like to see you get it.

There you go, Rog. Let's you and me win you this thing.
I got a mint in box complete if interested LMK
If the price I've just seen doesn't increase then I could be one happy bunny, thing is, these things have a habit of skyrocketing in the dying minutes.

I'm in, and we'll see what happens


PS (Zebraten, I'll be sure to PM you if those mags are needed.)
This is the message I got from the seller about the rifle:


Yes I do, and good eye. The magazines are in the butt stock for the rifle. It has slots for them to fit in for when rifle is assembled "

So I guess that is that. It is complete.
Ok then, you got my PM about the price ceiling, so, lets see what happens!

I'd better find me a new holy grail, you know, just in case!

Just looked and it's jumped over where I can go! With 2 days to go that price is going to go up and up, certainly beyond my range.

Ah well, thanks ever so much for trying, to quote Robin Williams:

"Don't cut that off, let him dream awhile.."
Don't worry about the money. You need that fig and I am going to do my best to see that you get. Then we'll worry about you paying what you can afford to.
Are you sure?

Like I said in the PM I wouldn't want you paying over the odds only to find that I can't afford to pay the price. I'd feel really guilty paying less than what you would.

It's really nice of you and all, but, I'm really not sure about it


just a heads up, the stock holds one clip not 2 and it is included. so a complete Lucifer would have 2 small clips and one extended clip for the rifle. Also, watch ebay seller oldjoeinfirmary-oji he has them from time to time, I scored one for like 52 bucks
Whatever, I'm going to havt to let this guy go. I will afford a Lucifer at some point, just not now.

Sometimes I think we OSW'ers make rods for our own backs by bigging up rare figures and thus driving up their value.

Good call rogerbee. I hope u find another one at a reasonable price.

I will one day and it will be when I can afford to bid what I like on it, which isn't now.

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