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Here, there is anguish…

For I have lately been advised that it is best for all Phicen / TBL figures to receive daily maintenance…



Seriously? Daily...!?

Although I've had no issues with any of my figures (now numbering about a dozen) wasting away in the open air, none are more than a couple months out of packaging.

Please confirm my suspicions that this is just a fabrication designed to sell "Maintenance Kits" - which include that magical and sensational revitalizing powder, along with a lovely little comb for disentangling the hair of the lovely little dolls' heads…

Or, am I truly bound to watch these products speed to states of abject degradation due to casual neglect, i.e., ordinary play and handling? Am I now veritably enslaved by these darling little princes and princesses, to regularly attend to each their proper primping?

Display cases and other such enclosures are out of the question for me, unfortunately; I require my figures to be easily accessible - lest one readily remove the "action" from the "action figure" entirely.

Is it not somewhat sad and perhaps even slightly creepy to think of us all spending hours of our lives each day grooming figures?

What say you, Champions?
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