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Fixed Head sculpts

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Three heads i had lying around. so what the hell, i tried my hand at some super
sculpty. This stuff is pretty good. Any feedback would be welcome.


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Nice Job on the hair! Super sculpy is the best! Have you tried applying some isocol (rubbing alchohol) with a soft paint brush? It helps blend it in a little....
Very nice work, they all look pretty improved with your add-ons, particularly the Evan sculpt.
What sculpt is the first on? Joe looks good too.

What KA was referring to was to blend the edges of the sculpey into the existing parts, so that there won't be an obvious line where you added it after baking, such as the area where you added to Brennan's chin and hair.
ah, i did not know that. thanks saiko. the first one is from that samurai figure in gold armor a while back. Grizzlelee, you can hold it under a blow dryer as well to harden it.

Boiling super sculpy also works...... A great option when you have added it to another material or object!.... Boiling the heads will cause them to go fairly soft but won't damage or distort them. Just be careful when handling them afterwards.... I use a big cooking spoon with holes in it to lower them in and out of the water then hold them under a cold tap when the sculpy has set!


The middle guy actually reminds me of Tarantino, it's just how he'd look if you said "Death Proof sucks!".

I was seeing Tarantino, too. Very nice work by the, way
Wow-- great work on those!

Can't wait to see them once they're all painted up!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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