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FILMKO Studios’ 3D Movie - The Monkey King 1/6 Action Figure Coming soon~

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星皓娱乐 2014 西游記-大鬧天宮1/6齊天大聖即將發布

The much-anticipated FILMKO Studios' New Year 3D Magical Masterpiece Movie - The Monkey King? is soon strongly sweeping the global theaters starting from January 31, 2014.
Licensed by FILMKO and produced by INPLAY , VERYCOOL and COOMODEL are proud jointly to announce the award to manufacture one sixth scale The Monkey King movie version figures. This movie-accurate collectible will be specially crafted based on the images in the movie and will be launched very soon! We cordially invite you to pay close attention to this new product.

由 星皓娱乐 授权,潮讯动漫 监制,VERYCOOL 与COOMODE L联合出品的1/6《西游记之大闹天宫》电影版齐天大圣可动人偶,即将推出!

Movie posters/电影海报

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Looks like the old Lon Chaney Wolfman in that pic...
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