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Figure with my Custom made body armor

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I received a few Power Team figures for Christmas and since I'm looking at Modern figures these days I figured I'd continue with the trend. I like to think this guy represents some sort of Spec Ops guy in Afghanistan but I don't really know what I'm talking about. I have a BBI Woodland vest that I had on this guy but I didn't like the overall look so I made my own . It's based off the BBI one but has been simplified in some ways and enlarged in others (is this the Interceptor BA pattern?). There are things I don't like about it but it was a learning experience. Next time I will use a different color fabric and thread. These were just the ones I had around.

He's also sporting my second attempt at making a shemagh. This time it is green but did not come out very well. My printer ran dry of color ink and I found this out during printing. The color came out better when I tea-dyed it to achieve the off-white color. Here he is with the 1st guy I did:

Beyond the shemagh and vest that I made, I replaced the straps on some of the PT equipment with grosgrain ribbon and fixed a broken 21C repelling harness I had around. Everything else is regular PT. The MP is newer and the magazine actually comes out, I did have to make a sling for it though. Here are some close ups of the vest itself:

Thanks for looking! Oh and remember; Velcro melts when you iron it ;)
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Real nice custom work

Is that sniper rifle powerteam and if so what figure did it comw with

again nice customs
Please tell me that Sniper Rifle is a PT Sniper Rifle?? Looks nice!
Thanks folks, but sorry to say the rifle is from the 21C Swat Sniper from a few years back. It actually is pretty nice. The bipod legs fold down and the bolt works. The stock has some nice woodgrain too. Here's the thread about the figure on the right with some more discussion about the rifle:
Operator with Shemagh (Click Here)
Looks good.
Great work, I am a big PT fan and those are some really nice upgrades.
Wow, nice job on the vest.
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