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Inspired by New Port City Police S.W.A.T. from Dominion Tank Police anime.

Parts list:
Body headsculpt - DML
Boots - BBI
Helmet, glove hands, jumpsuit, earphones, belt, pouches, knee pads - M&C/PTE
Gun case - ZC
Vest, sleeves, - homemade
MN-23 carbines, reflex sight - 3D Print


Carrier case:

Weapon options:


Reference images:

Thanks for looking & enjoy. :D


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All you need now is a 1:6 tank to go along with the figure and customize some more members from the force.


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Iron_Mike: Thanks a lot, man!

Glad you approve. I'm definitely a fan, old school too.

Thank you. I'm still very clumsy. The stitches were made with a Singer sewing machine using a quilting foot. Still very much experimental for me. The 3D printing was ordered through Shapeway using their White Strong Flexible material.
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