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FENG's Studio - John Rambo (2008)

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Original Head Sculpt by Feng
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I actually think Feng is slipping. Check out his earlier Rambo and you'll see what I mean...



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no cant be looks like the new movie version. great work
The earlier one looks more like Stallone than the new one does, and yes, I have seen actual pics of Sly.

Sly has aged ... I thought he did a good job on this one...
Suits the theme too mean and vicious!
All previous rambos are pretty doppy looking :D
Very nice! Body is interesting. Anyone know what type?
That looks so awesome man, nice body sculpting too. THanks for sharing the pics Jack!
i think the headsculpt is pretty much dead on.

but he really should have used one of those HT muscular bodies.
Looks great to me! Dead-on likeness for the older, tired and slightly doughy looking Sly!
Tiger said:
Looks great! But what's with the arm, they look strange
Looks like sculpted on muscles. Probably epoxy. I am going to guess that Feng isn't too familiar with the human muscle anatomy. They do look kinda strange.

But it is still a VERY good custom. :)
Nice fig...bad muscles :p
His new Rambo is pretty darn good but I no longer envy his other Rambos now that I own HTs superior versions.
That sculpt looks just like Sly does in the trailer(s) I've seen of the John Rambo movie. Great job!

- Ian
You know, you guys might be right, the sculpt is better than I first thought. Sly is wearing more fake tan in the photos I've seen, perhaps that threw me.

Well since a few of you wonder why the muscle look so weird... heres the answer...
Heaps more pics at Feng's blog...

As you guys can see he has used TS upper body as a base so naturally thats probably as much as one could do to create Sly's 60 yr old biceps without ruining the articulation.
Nice looking figure! I'm a little unfamiliar with Feng's studios, do they sell figures (batches of figures) too or are these just custom one-offs....
Great job mate.
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