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G'day All,

I recently saw this on ebay, a female Metropolitan PC similar to the Constable Wayne figure from a few years back. I searched this site and couldn't see any discussions, so my apologies if there is a thread I missed. I have been a Met Police Officer (Emergency Response) for quite a while now; I thought I'd give a little analysis of the model as can be seen from the photos to let people know what the authenticity of it is like.

Full Photos here:

Musician Sleeve Hat Gesture Performing arts
Outerwear High-visibility clothing Jersey Workwear Dress shirt

Honestly, it looks great. I can't complain about Black Trousers any more since they are finally going on issue (much to my disappointment - I prefer the old blue ones.) Most coppers do still have blue trousers but hey. It's correct and I can't argue with that.
The hat looks great.
The stab vest is the currently issued standard vest. The badge on it is incorrect. It is only seen on much older kit. The stab vest has the newer badge which can be seen on the hi-vis.
The shirt and cravat look right. The shoulder numbers are correct for the old Borough Command Unit of Barnet (SX). Barnet merged with Brent and possibly another unit to form North West Basic Command Unit (NW).
The hi-vis isn't on issue now but is correct and widely worn. Nit-picking: the criss-cross on the white strips has blue lines on it. This is present on the older variants of this model of hi-vis. The Metropolitan Police Badge should be like the one showing on the stab vest.
The coat isn't on issue but most people with a few years in have one. It is entirely correct and - trivia alert - the Queen dislikes hi-vis and so for state events where the Queen is involved but Tunics aren't being worn, the coat is worn. Example: Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph 2018.

The kit belt looks correct.
The pouches look like a mix of issue and private-purchase stuff. That's entirely fine.
I'm mystified by the specially marked PCSO pouch. That's not a thing, even with wor PCSOs.
Hitting stick - once again they went with a side-handled baton which I don't believe has ever been used by British Police. Swap for a telescopic friction-lock stick asap at your convenience. They lose points here.
Taser: X26 Taser was used for years. It's an old model now which has been replaced by the better X2. I think most areas *have* now converted, since they are training new people again as opposed to running conversion courses. The holster doesn't look like one which the Met uses. I couldn't see a cartridge pouch for it. It is worn on the opposite side to the dominant hand, i.e. left side of belt for a right-hander.
Cuffs & Pouch: Correct, except for the 'Caution' label. That's not a thing.
Body Worn Video - spot on. Doesn't matter what side it's worn on. Mine sits on the right hand side because otherwise it tends to record my chin dealing with crime.
Radio - correct although earpieces are never worn excepting occasionally at Notting Hill (deployment dependent) and certain special operations.

It looks to be really rather well done. The important stuff has been done very well indeed. If I had the cash, I'd get one of her and one of constable wayne, though I would get hold of proper trousers (and a flat-hat for wayne to make him an Emergency Response Officer).

Hat Military uniform Sleeve Military person Gesture

Notwithstanding that bloomin' side-handled baton, everything is small niggles. Black trousers came in after the borough mergers so realistically an SX Officer should still be wearing dark blue trousers. Or change her epaulettes to NW (but remember PCs gained an extra number during the mergers). But then, she wouldn't be carrying the X26 Taser.
Those badges on the stab vest and hi-vis ought to be the other way round to my mind.

Peaked cap Military uniform Military person Smile Security

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