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FeelToys 1/6 Female Commando Viper Camo Set (without body and head)

FeelToys 1/6 毒蛇迷彩女特种兵 套装(不含素体和头雕)



沙漠蟒纹迷彩外套 / Camo Combat Jacket
沙漠蟒纹迷彩作战裤 / Camo Combat Pants
沙漠蟒纹迷彩运动背心 / Camo Women's Sports Vest
沙色腰带 / Tactical Belt
战术靴 / Tactical Boots
全地形迷彩鸭舌帽 / Camo Baseball Hat
全地形迷彩战术胸挂 / D3CRX Chest Rigs
半指手套 / Half Hand Gloves
墨镜 / Sun Glass
P226 手鎗 / P226 Pistol
战术手鎗套 /Tacticla Gun Holster M4 CQB
突击步槍 / M4 CQB Assault Rifle
沙色单点式枪带 / One Point Rifle Sling KAC QD
消音器 / KAC QD Suppressors
全息瞄准镜 / Holographic Sight
红外雷射指示器 / Advanced Targer Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light
战术枪灯 / Gun Light
双路线控开关 / Dual Pressure Pad Remote Switch


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Did FIRE GIRL change their name to FEEL TOYS?

The question about this set . . . is anyone "feeling" it?

I'm guessing FEEL TOYS took inspiration from VERYCOOL?

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Very cool set. However, I must say everything looked good until they opened that jacket.

Guess they couldn't help it...had to appeal to the tactical ho's fans...

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I'm offended.

Where is my butt hurt cream?

;) :p :lol
Best...comment...ever...:lol :lol :grinroll :grinroll :rolling

In all honesty, the set is quite cool and I agree with CobraTrooper11.

I could see myself buying this set, but losing the boots.
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