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This is one of the most amazing stories I've seen here in our community, a true story of family union, dedication, shared passion and teamwork.

One of our OneSixthCommunity DeviantART group member Krulos is sharing this amazing story (and pictures) of the miniaturized town his father started nearly 40 years ago and after he passed away, he and his brothers will keep on with this shared dream and will continue his father's legacy.

This is an amazing example of a family that shares the same passion for miniatures/figures!

Here's one of the picture of his town.


Please see the rest of the pictures he shared on his Group Folder named Krulos on our DeviantART group called OneSixthCommunity and also take the opportunity of checking all other amazing pictures we have in our group.

You all are more than welcome to join and share you material over there too! If you google OneSixthCommunity, you'll find our DeviantART group.
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