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FacepoolFigure 1/6 Male Head Sculpt with Expression, two pack FP-A-001, FP-S-001

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FacepoolFigure 1/6 Male Head Sculpt with Expression, two pack FP-A-001, FP-S-001​
Product ID: FP-A-001, FP-S-001​
Male Head Sculpt with Expression X 1 (PVC)​
Neck Adapter X 1 (fit most 1/6 body without neck)​
The head sculpt features vivid and unique expressions, authentic likeness of human facial structure and fine painting technique, will serve a variety of eras, including WWII, Modern War and Fashion​
Note: Body, clothes, equipment and base are not included, photos are for DIY reference only
Release date: Approximately Q2, 2018
Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different

We are currently setting up sales worldwide, for how to order and more product information please visit our website

Forehead Mouth Jaw Flash photography Gesture

Forehead Nose Chin Eyebrow Facial expression

Forehead Cheek Chin Smile Eyebrow

Flash photography Military camouflage Ballistic vest Hat Military person

Cap Muscle Military person Military uniform Human body

Military uniform Military person Cap Musician Headgear

Cap Glove Military uniform Military person Headgear
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Pre-order placed, looking forward to it......
Available from OneSixthKit as a pre-order

The pre-order cut off date is February 25, 2018.
The blonde one is really well done and is uniquely expressive with the asymmetry. I like the ways the nose is scrunched with the creases around the eyes. He also appears to be a true blonde, and that's a fairly rare thing in male one sixth sculpts. Even actors with blonde hair are usually darkened up to light brown or medium brown. The other sculpt here is nice too, but it reminds me of others on the market. I'll likely order the blonde one for sure.
Thank you for the support, we will definitely produce more asymmetry head!
I rather like these and it's a really fine idea.

Did get kind of a hoot out of the blond-haired guy as he looks like he's just stepped in...well, you know.
These are great, it's always nice to see some head sculpts with something other than the usual stone faced expression. I hope this company makes more sculpts like these. From the looks of their website it seems like they are working on more. I've pre-ordered these two from OneSixthKit.
NICE! i can use those.

I own the 1/6 dirty toilet from several years back. Now I have a constipated head sculpt to go with it! :nanana
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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