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Facepoolfigure 1/6 Action Figure - US Paratrooper Platoon Leader - Easy Company

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FP002A Standard Edition includes M43 uniform + 1 open mouth head
FP002B Special Edition includes M43 and M42 uniform + 2 heads

Please check dealers for preorder info:
Trusted Reseller - 脸谱模玩

Military camouflage Camouflage Helmet Military uniform Military person

Poster Flash photography Font Soldier Military uniform

Flash photography Soldier Movie Font Action film

Military camouflage Sleeve Military person Marines Military uniform
Military person Soldier Military uniform Flash photography Movie

Sleeve Military uniform Military person Flash photography Soldier

Poster Military person Shotgun Soldier Marines

Camouflage Poster Ballistic vest Military person Military camouflage

Military uniform Military person Ballistic vest Military camouflage Army

Flash photography Cap Music artist Entertainment Font

Military camouflage Military person Marines Poster Camouflage

Military person Poster Military camouflage Camouflage Soldier

Camouflage Sleeve Military camouflage Entertainment Poster

Military person Soldier Military uniform Camouflage Marines

Camouflage Military camouflage Military person Military uniform Marines

Military camouflage Military person Sleeve Military uniform Cap

Military uniform Military person Flat cap Soldier Military camouflage

Camouflage Flash photography Military camouflage Font Military person

Camouflage Poster Military camouflage Military person Font

Military person Military uniform Soldier Military camouflage Flash photography
Guitar accessory Musician Gesture Military person Soldier

Helmet Flash photography Font Adaptation Poster

Font Screenshot Sleeve Terrestrial plant Human leg

Sleeve Gesture Font Machine Art

Font Poster Metal Service Fashion accessory

Font Military person Sleeve Camouflage Non-commissioned officer

Camouflage Military camouflage Military uniform Military person Marines

Facepoolfigure 1/6 Action Figure - US Paratrooper Platoon Leader -
"Easy" Company
No. FP-002
Head Sculpture (Mouth Slight Open)
Male Nude Body + Hands Sets (COOMODEL BD001)
M1 Paratrooper Helmet (Metal)
M43 Paratrooper Uniform Set
M1 Garand Rifle + Knife
Ammo Bandolier x2
M1911A1 Pistol + leather holster (Real Leather)
Double Magazine Pouch
US Suspenders
GI Wool Shirt + Collar Insignia
Paratrooper Boots (Real leather)
Paratrooper M6 Scabbard + M3 Knife
MK2 Grenade x2
M36 Belt
M42 First Aid Pouch
M10 Canteen w/Cover
Compass Pouch
M36 Musette Bag
Helmet Camouflage Linen Strip
101 Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
US Flag Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Special Edition includes extra:
Head Sculpture (Mouth Closed with Proud Expression)
M42 Reinforced Paratrooper Uniform Set (Include Insignia

Estimate Release Date: 2020 fourth quarter
Preorder close date 2020-8-5
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OP do you have any idea it they are releasing any more figures from this series?
It looks like a really neat release. Lt. Winters from BOB with the June 6th D-Day and the Market Garden Uniforms. However, Im not sure its heads above the other brands that have done this particular figure and uniforms already. I would like to see more details before I pre-ordered this.
Looks like a stellar figure and a very nice upgrade from DID's figure from a few years back.
best BoB figure to date. blows Did's out of the water. multiple buys!!
When did Facepoolfigure as a company come into being? I dont know the background of them.
There was an Operation Market Garden part of Band of Brothers? I will need to go back and watch it, and then probably buy this figure....
Oh yes, The operation market garden was a fantastic part of the series BOB.
I had pre-ordered the exclusive version immediately after finding out that it was being released, even though I have the original DiD version. It looks like I'll be able to display Lt., Capt. and Major Winters!

I hope we get a few more figures from the incredible mini-series.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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