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F-4B pilot, VMFA-531 "Grey Ghosts"

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Finally put together my F-4 jock. A few minor tweaks and some light weathering.

The basic figure is from hot Toys. I didn't change much except the oval rescue snap ring, which I replaced w/ a triangular model. I also pulled the batting out of the horse shoe of the life preserver. I added the chopped-down .45 holster for the .38 revolver.
I sanded the Navy markings off of the helmet w/ steel wool and added graphics from a decal set from an old helicopter model kit. I added a anchor strap to the rescue harness for the O2 mask.
The boots are NLM jungles.
The head sculpt is DML "Berthold Nasse". And I don't think I'll ever get the helmet back off--:lol
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Looks great to me...nice choice of HS..
Sweet bash!!!! Love the detail!!
Great !! I served in VMFA-232 "Red Devils " and I am gonna make my Hot Toys guy from that squadron (.... someday)
Would love to see Tigerstripes camouflaged flight helmet like the movie Flight of the Intruders.
kitbash of the month? absolutely awesome, original and really cool!
He looks awesome! :thumb
Great figure bash!!! Fantastic job on the helmet, too!
Really nice looking and incredible attention to detail. I like the Dimebag Darrell avatar as well.
Very nice. I especially like how the figure looks like he's actually wearing this stuff and that the gear has some heft to it. Nothing ruins a god figure like pouches and straps floating in the air.
WOW! Sweet bash...I love the helmet! Great figure:)
You are on a roll man! The helmet is plain amazing as is the whole figure. Good job bud.
Bash looks really good.
Damn, makes me wish I had bought that figure.

Yours looks pretty nice.

I hope they have some spares to make an aviator in the sage green uniform.
I bought the F-4 driver over the HT Aviators, this figure is sweet. now all i need is afew more helmets and gear for a change. Great figure from top to bottom. I hope for more variety of pilots.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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