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I have been a Bruce Campbell fan almost my entire life. I saw the Evil Dead in 1983 when it was first released to home video at the tender age of 11. Pretty intense stuff at that age, but I had been reading my older sibling's Fangoria magazine for awhile by then. It blew me away at it's shocking gore (for the time) and I watched it as much as possible.

When Evil Dead 2 came out on videocassette I rented it and it, literally, changed my cinema life in that I was now a die hard Evil Dead/Bruce/Sam Raimi fan and I would spend the next several years devoted to horror/gore almost exclusively.

Army of Darkness arrived and despite being the biggest film Raimi and crew had done so far, it was a drastic shift in tone from the Black Comedy of Evil Dead 2, to the outright slapstick schtick of AOD. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this film and forgive it for it's mistakes, but I was expecting something different... perhaps a bit darker in tone to lend credibility to it's silly plot.

So, over the years I have made a few Bruce Campbell customs. If you're reading this, you probably also enjoy Bruce Campbell. So, please, share pics of YOUR custom figures, talk about the films... but most of all, enjoy! ;)

Will the REAL Bruce Campbell PLEASE stand up?

Custom recast S-Mart Ash head:

A younger Ash custom sculpt:

WIPs: Convention Bruce - Post AOD "Ash, Deadite Hunter - "John Eggena AKA StarCollector" Ash sculpt (my VERY first Ash custom that made it into Toyfare Magazine) - Younger Bruce - "Apocalypse Ash" custom sculpted beard and hair over recast S-Mart head. I haven't ever seen ANYONE do a custom based on THIS look yet!

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