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When i search for (web) shops in the EU i only find anyone know any other shops?


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I had a quick look around for mainland European shops that sell sixth scale figures after Brexit. ...Before that I often bought from UK shops, as they tend to have a good selection and decent pricing. But, unfortunately, AB it all became a bit too expensive. Italy, France and Germany seem to have a good selection of sixth scale vendors. So here are the mainland stores I found (and there probably are many others):

Home - DarkSide Collectibles Studio
Figurine collector, figurine de collection, Star wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Manga, Cinema, Jeux-video - Wastoys
sisco78 action figures statue -

And if you are in UK, I'll mention:

And, eBay's probably your friend also. Just remember to watch where you buy from. Especially after summer the customs and the VAT should be taken into account if you live within EU and import pretty much anything.
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