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Errors on forum interface

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Perhaps you have noticed an increasing number of double posts (and consequently deleted posts or threads) on the forum. I think this is related to the numerous "Database Errors" I have been receiving when posting responses in a thread -- it would seem that the response was not posted, when in fact (and despite the error notification) it was. Does anyone know what's going on and whether it can be fixed? To be sure, it is a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. I don't think this started with the last major update (when a bunch of photos stopped working), but rather a little later.

At the very least, all should be aware of the interface's behavior, and check before reposting, etc.
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I too have been receiving numerous database errors.
My posts have also been showing, despite the error.
Thanks for bringing it to the forefront.
I noticed it too.

At least it's being noticed.
sure. can some please fix the search engine? it's a mess after the new page design went up.

thank you
I sent the link to this thread to the tech-lords. Ironically, it showed a database error, tho the post did work.

We do have an image of a suspect:

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Glad it's being addressed, I've noticed it on another forum too...weird...
And now not only this, but when you try to move back to the posts, the site/browser asks you if you are sure you want to leave the page.
Just got one too. Clicked the post button again, and it told me I am not allowed to post a duplicate post so soon. So, I closed the page, came back, and there was my post. Ironically I got it on this post too!
Rumors persist it's the work of a female sexy geek hacker.

If true, then would we still object?

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I see your point, DFC, and I like her, but my intense hatred towards the misanthropic nature of hackers precludes me from not minding. ;)
Yep I have been receiving a lot of database errors too. In fact just my last post.
Let's hope no one is harvesting cryptocurrencies. Just heard it may slow down servers an personal computers. :think

As soon as you get the database error, hit refresh and leave the page, the reply has actually gone through. I notified the FB guy for OSW so they are aware of the issue. That said, they still haven't fixed the notification emails and they have been down for months!

My “notifications” says I currently have 2015 unread messages... Anyone else have something this weird.
My "notifications" says I currently have 2015 unread messages... Anyone else have something this weird.
2,006 as of this moment. Reported that issue as well.
Ah well, email notifications are back, so that's something at least. I guess every new deal has teething troubles, so I guess we should be patient and give them chance to get stuff done. Which they will do quicker with less folk breathing down their necks. If there are any issues, a polite message to the site bods detailing the issue and a post to say that the issue has been reported and is being worked on will do just fine.

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