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Re: OMG! This PKM is awesome! Made in metal & wood by Frank.

I would consider it when it is simplified and thus less expensive. In all honesty, my figures do not need this level of functionality in their weapons...
Chris, I think you're referring to a different PKM. The only one going in that price range on eBay, that I'm aware of is this one by Jon (Fullmetal): Custom 1/6 Scale Metal & Wood PKM w/ 100, 200 Round Ammo Cans & Tripod Rifle Gun | eBay
While these new PKM's are extremely nice, I also don't need that level of detail nor can I afford $150 or more for a single weapon. However, I will keep an eye out for news of the simplified versions.
Ah - that's the one! $150 is much better - but as you say, for me it's too much for me to afford for one weapon, but very nice.
Your all referring to my auction! LOL! I sell it much cheaper here, as all my auctions. You have to remember that one is factory made and the other hand made. So the hand made one is much more expensive, even though it does not do all the things the factory made one does. And I agree with you all about the level of detail is not necessary if your going to put it on figures. As for me, it is a bonus because I collect weapons as most of you know. Frank will try to keep it under $75, but to achieve this figure, he needs many of you to buy it. Many! I mean the bullet links or belt are very expensive to produce! Plus someone has to put the links together unless you want to put the links together with a microscope. That is unless he can produce rubber molds...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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