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Hi All,

Endor Patrol 1:48.


Scouts/Speeders - these are from the new Star Wars Legion game and is the expansion set which comes with two figures and two speeder with stand and cards. I just buy them for diorama's and displays as they fit in well with the Bandai 1:48 kits.

These two were painted and weathered using Vallejo Paints , Army Painter paints.

Base - is foam board for the base and back section then I used high density foam to make the rock formation by ripping the foam away sing my fingers.

Once the high density foam had dried in place I then used real branches and glued them into place and once dry I then used watered down spakfilla to cover the whole base and to make the rock formations and the creek.

I then painted the base brown and then covered it with a mix of mulched up leaves, sand, dirt, lichen moss, thin sticks and Woodland Scenics Olive Green foliage. Once the mix was dry I then gave it several washes of Vallejo's Chocolate Brown.

The grass tufts are from Army Painter, the clumps of foliage is from Woodland Scenics Olve Green Foliage clumps and the shrubs are also Woodland Scenics Olive Green Foliage.

The ferns are from MIG Ammo and the rocks in the creek are pieces of kitty litter painted using Vallejo Beige Brown with a wash of Games Workshop's AGRAX Earthshade.

The water was done using Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and the water fall and the froth sections was done by dapping white paints around those area's and then Woodland Scenics Water Effects was used to add depth and give it a flowing effect to it.



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