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Email Notifications Problem..?

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I have not been getting my Notifications sent to my blackberry.. sorry email. I was wondering if any else is having this problem?
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This thread doesn't show on my LT at home, so I posted a thread there, outlining what seems to be going on. I sent Norm and the string of AOL/ people a mayday. I have noticed that when I post from here, I have a goatee I normally don't have.....
PD - this thread HAS now appeared at home, wasn't there initially, but overnight I can now see it. Perhaps we're back in sync now? Going to immediately check this post on my phone in a second and see if it appears.
...and now via mobile network is visible. Problem may be resolved.
Only a small number of notifications of new PMs have reached me, and it is NOT a spam issue as they're not hitting the spam folder, which I wouldn't expect since none of the notifications that do come through get sent there. They're just not reaching my inbox.
Email notifications coming through now too.
No emails showing up here either.

Same emails...
Things should start picking back up, I'm seeing threads I hadn't for the past few days. Credit t our web guy, Brian, for what looks like a fast fix.
Erm... I just received 132 email notifications... in one go!
Same here... bunch of subscribed threads emails and private messages notifications... this forum needs an upgrade like seriously, it's already too outdated and lack maintenance, unfortunately =[
Wow, mostly trade-related traffic? I can pass that along, if it persists.
Hey... my lil paper clip for attachments is gone.... System up grade or did I inadvertently change something...:dunno
I'll pass this up the line.
I still get nada, even though they're set to 'on' I don't recall ever having got any.

21 - 35 of 35 Posts
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