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Email Notifications Problem..?

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I have not been getting my Notifications sent to my blackberry.. sorry email. I was wondering if any else is having this problem?
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It's not just the notifications. It's doing something it did a few months ago in that the forum looks different depending on which ISP you're currently using. Right now, at work there are posts missing and edits to my own posts which I can see at home... in fact, I bet when I get home I won't even see this post, yet I will on my work laptop via VPN.
PD - this thread HAS now appeared at home, wasn't there initially, but overnight I can now see it. Perhaps we're back in sync now? Going to immediately check this post on my phone in a second and see if it appears.
...and now via mobile network is visible. Problem may be resolved.
Email notifications coming through now too.
Erm... I just received 132 email notifications... in one go!
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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