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Here's my next Elysium custom project.

After Kruger here's Max in his exosuit.

It was a real challenge finding the parts and making them working out.

I wanted something that could move with the body so every piston is working and the body ahs full range of mobility.

This is WIP at the moment.

I used some parts from a T-600, T-700, some transformers parts and a lot of random stuff.

UPDATE 21/12/2013

Finally Max with his head.
I settled for the Soldier Story head. I think it represents is actual look better than the younger Enterbay Bourne head.

I stripped the paint, shaved the head with a dremmel and then repainted the whole thing.

I still need to add the screen at the back of his head though.

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Re: ELYSIUM "Max Da Costa"

incredible... looks perfect :)

would you make a little video to show the skeleton moving along with the figure movements?
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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