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had fun at EBT today. I brought my camera, but forgot to take pictures. If you went, show your photos (if any), and list what you bought.

It was fun, but not as crowded as the BBQ last october. It was warm, around 95 at noon. Since nobody was allowed to sell anything, there weren't as many people.

My catch of the day-
DML Hugo Feldganarmerie
Toys City Enlisted panzer set
Some italian camo stuff
DiD field gear (and I finally found a Kurt Dorr pattern smock...)
some other random stuff.

Their prices are a bit high, but since its a free BBQ, I'm more than happy to pay.

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Hey Wazz Up Guys Sorry I Missed The Bbq But Had A Swell Time At The Fangoria Convention It Was Kinda Small But Had Funn With Me And My Brother And Son Sorry To Here Not Enough Persons Went I Guess We Missed Out On Good Food And Good Company Also Just Like To Thank Ebt For Last Time I Actually Had A Swell Time That Day And Great Food Also
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