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ebay question

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I've been selling items on eBay for about a month now and haven't had any issues until today. one of my items was removed, the item was a old G3 rifle by Dragon. the email i got from ebay said that it violated its policy on replica firearms and gave a list of things you aren't allowed to do but none of them seem to apply to a small 1/6 scale rifle. i doubt it need a orange ended barrel and i'm pretty sure it cant be converted to fire actual bullets.

i was wondering if any of you that may buy and sell have ever encountered anything like this and if there is any negative repercussions.

thanks for any help you can provide.
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thanks, i listed it as 1/6 in both the title, item specifics and item description. i was thinking of using a ruler or a quarter in photos from now on to provide scale.
This is what you need to do. The ebay system for this is a combination of automated scans that flag listings for manual review as well as user reported listing violations. As soon as you have something demonstrating the scale of the item it avoids this issue in the first place the majority of the time and makes it easy to resolve with a quick call to remove the listing violation score off your account. Adding words like toy or a scale notation to the description/title is not sufficient, but recommended in conjunction. The item specifics fields also include a scale option, so fill that in as well. The combination of these things will also help to avoid people trying to buy an item assuming its a life size toy (why any parent with a brain would buy a realistic looking "toy' weapon for a child these days is beyond me...) or airsoft item.
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