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Hello ! I am a long time novice 1:6 modeler, lurker and fan of Bitter End's garage diorama. I wanted to share my all purpose hatch cover project with everyone. it is suitable for sci-fi, submarine, armories and any other place you might need to secure.

I started with a spoon rest from the dollar store:

I removed the handle, flat rest tabs and scuffed the surface:

The center was located and concentric circles were drawn:

Some vacuum tubing was added and a Lego post:

A coat of black Fusion plastic paint was added and a quick base coat:

Holes were drilled and some tiny brass bolts from the model shop were hot glued in place:

Some texured spray paint from the dollar store was added:

Some silver paint and a black wash:

Iwanted something a little rustier so i sprayed some hairspray and dusted with cinnamon. Lego donated the wheel:

Joe defends the armory from attack on Mars:

Hinges will be added later. the hatch leads to the seccond level of this diorama where the armory will reside.
Hope you enjoyed this and maybe someone will use this in their own work.
Thanks for looking!
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