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Dusting off my beloved Ariel Sharon. Any other Israelis 1:6s out there?

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Although quite sad about the passing of Sharon, one of my favorite warriors and strategists from modern history, it gave me the opportunity of revisiting one of my most dear 1:6 figures.

I was wondering, are there other Israeli 1/6 figures out there you could recommend checking out? Honestly, I've found nothing besides Arik.

Thanks! :)


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Hi Seitse-

Thanks for sharing your Sharon pics.

Yes! Back about 10 years ago or so, Aromury put out an IDF Para, as well as a IDF Givati recon soldier. Both are pretty well done. In addition, Hasbro put out an IDF soldier as well around the same time period.
Here are some pictures of the Armoury 1/6 scale Israeli IDF Paratrooper :) There was also the vintage Group Action Joe Israeli Paratrooper 12-inch figure - pictures HERE
As noted in the toyhaven article though, the head sculpt and figure shown is not the original Armoury body. Also, the Action Joe shown in the other toyhaven article is not the same one that I was referring to- the Hasbro IDF figure that I recall didn't have the "lifelike" hair (and weird eyes) and was actually one of their better offerings.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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