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Just saw it after checking out DML USA's site after seeing Iron Mikes post on the USMC gunner...I know most couldn't care less, but I figured a few WWII nuts would like to see it..


- 2cm Flakvierling 38

- Stahlhelm M42 Helmet (Metal)
- Winterarnabzug Parka, reversible Grey / Whilte
- M43 Trousers, Keilhosen
- Winterarnabzug Trousers, reversible Grey / White
- Heer M43 Tunic
- Sweater
- Toque
- Ankle Boots w/gaiters

- M31 Breadbag
- Wehrmacht Equipment Belt
- M38 Gas Mask Container
- P-38 Holster
- M31 Mess Kit
- Binoculars w/ cap
- M31 Water Bottle

- S84/98 Bayonet w/Scabbard
- Walther P-38 w/detachable magazine

- Collar Tab
- Arm Strap
- FlaK-Artillerie Badge
- Wehrmacht National Emblem
- Shoulder Tabs (Wehrmacht Infantry: Schutze)

- NEO Male body
- Men Hands with Wool Gloves
- New character head
- Clear stand mount

sits in a loose parts box
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That Vierling is awesome, but i dont have that much money to spend on a era i dont collect :D

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Man, I do really like the gun but there is SUCH a disparity in their pricing these days. It is like they are trying to catch up with the other manufacturers by putting out crappy but REAL expensive pieces while at the same time putting out crappy but really crappy and cheap pieces. BUT, they have been announcing a bunch this week.

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looks familiar... :sadshake i swear, even WWII collectors must be getting bored with DML these days. :sleep
I'm tired of most of DML's stuff. The thing that has interested me the most over the last year or so, was the new sniper veil, and the new headsculpts. Everything else, well, is the same.

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That poor bastard is going to die of exhaustion from trying to load and fire that beast by himself.....

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Instead of putting out overpriced stuff like this, that most people won't know where to put, they should concentrate on getting the regular ranks up to scratch.

This doesn't thrill me in the slightest, I'm on a budget here, meet it or beat it!

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