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Dragon Stephen Chow Helicopter Rescue Crew

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Anybody have any information or pictures of the stephen Chow Helicopter Rescue Crew figure released by Dragon. Think it must have been sometime ago.

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Stephen Chow was released as a motorcycle cop. The Helicopter Rescue duo were Louis Koo and Jordan Chan. Sorry, but I dun have pics for them.
OK I am interested too. Never even heard of these before. page3.htm

doesn't really resembles Stephen though...think still can be found on ebay too.
If that's an original HK figure, expect an Adam body, he'll definitely need those boots on to stay standing. If you don't want to keep him MIB then swap him for a Neo 3 ASAP.

yupz... a traffic cop that comes attached with a barbeque fork & two hotdogs LOL
Really? What the heck is that thing? Is it really a hot dog?
reckon so...i think this release was a reference to his "Fight Back To School 2" traffic cop role.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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