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Hi guys,,, was wondering with all this renewed interest in Nam,, thnks in part to ACE,
Has anyone tried or has modified a dragon M16( Mine came from Col Moore figure ) to resemble a pre '65 AR15?,,ie remove the forward assist,, and the raised areas around the mag release button to make the mag well flush?
I so want to do this,, as i am in the process of bashing a SOTW duck hunter uni to resemble a pre 65 BEO GAM/ Kamo brand uni,, ie moving and reshaping the pockets,, and some tailoring to fit better..

Now, a pre 65 SF Advisor in a true and accurate BEO GAM uni with a AR 15 from ACE would definitely be a KEEPER!!



Medic Up!!
I did a similar mod as part of my Son Tay raider. The raiders carried GAU-5A/A carbines (the Air Force version of the XM177E2) which lacked forward assists. If you're very careful, you can sand it down and smooth it out with sculpy. You've just got to be very gentle about it.
Still, it can have good results:

You're actually the second person to wonder if ACE will tackle that :lol I dunno if they will, but one can hope. He'd probably have a "regular" three-prong XM16E1 though.
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