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Well, it's not an easy fix, but it is doable.

That post with the screw does like you say and uses the spring tension to put pressure on the inside of your ball apparatus with that plate.

Trying to work the ball edges around that pressure plate can prove nerve wracking. I split the weld on the ball adapter with an exacto or similar heavy-bladed tool, slid both halves back into place, and superglue the two halves together before clamping tightly. A solvent that welds the plastic would be a better fix. Ensure that the glue doesn't act on the neck joint and any articulation itself. Once the HS is back on, that in itself holds the gluejoint securely.

You likely have a minor stress fracture issue in the ball section's flanges that caused the slippage. This really doesn't affect the integrity of the plastic even under rougher use. I have several figs that I've acquired with this problem (nearly always caused by trying to manipulate the HS without warming first) from others who were tossing them out, and none have ever given me trouble after the fix.

Me, I'd fix it. Others might send it back. Either way is cool.

Good luck.
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