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Does anyone have decent pictures of fully kitted HALO guys?

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Hi guys,

Topic says it all, I tried searching, but couldn't find any good pictures showing fully kitted out HALO guys. Any can help me out?

P.S. And of course, HALO I'm talking about is not an Xbox game:)


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Yea I saw these, not excatly the HALO guy I'm looking for though:)
how about this one..will post more as I come across them from my archives..

Doesn't have the O2 gear but looks like he just completed a free fall jump with gear

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hold on alexi do u have somehting against haho?!?!?!?!?

First is very good. Looks like he's wearing PCU. Too bad he's rather light on gear otherwise... Any more?:)

Guernere - nothing against HAHO, got pics?:)

Thanks a lot, and you tried to hide these pictures from me?:)

A couple more pics I found from the ASOM in Fayetteville,NC

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