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Hi guys after recently buying an osprey BA vest (Thanks Monster Models) i was looking for pouches untill a forum menber gave me an idea.

I butchered a desert assault vest in temp DPM for the pouces Lucky for me they were double lined on the back of the pouch so i did'nt have to sew a 4th side into them (thank god, after my ghillie suit i dont think my fingers can take any more pricks....oops )

Although i have a few more mods to do on it tonight ie extra MOLLE straps ind a back plate pocket, as well as reduce the size of the front plate pocket. But all-in-all it looks a little better than the original without pouches. the front plate is totally oversized and i hav'nt help'd by filling it out so much, but thats the next mod i will do

The figure is part of my next projet its nowhere complete its only for display of the vest.

I really like this type of photos as it shows a different angle than normall seen.

Thanks for looking...SGT
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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