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DML Glove Upgrade

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After getting spoiled by the Dr. Figures glove hands (mainly because of their ball pins) I decided to resurrect a little trick I devised a while back. IMHO, DML makes some of the best glove hand sculpts, but the single direction hinge just doesn't cut it for holding weapons correctly.

I start with a pair of DML gloves (the black tactical gloves are shown here) and a pair of BBi bare hands (the old super-hard ones work fine - this is a pair from the SWAT figure)

I use a dulled X-acto blade to gently break the 'flapper' loose inside. Another problem with the DML hands is how delicate that hinge is. Destroyed the right one getting it out (no great loss - just one less spare for down the road)

Now I make like the Yakuza and start lopping off fingers. I used a craftsman hobby size angle cutter for getting the rough shape, then dremeled it smooth to a shape very close to the flapper.

Finally, I use a dab of Shoe Goo on the tip of the flapper and shove it into the glove. Done and done!

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That's a great trick! I've dremeled out holes in Dragon hands to fit the BBi pins, but I wasn't sure how to accommodate the Dragon gloves with the "flapper" hands. Thanks for the tutorial!
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