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Djellabah redux: Goumier's cloak, VERSION 3 pic added

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I found some material with a more accurate pattern and color scheme. Unfortunately it is a little too thick. At least I am getting a little bit closer to what I want it to look like!
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You image link isn't working too well. You might be better off uploading the image into our own gallery here and linking the photo from there.

pic should work now
There you go! That looks dead-on cool. Great drape. Love the color pattern.
It looks great Mahseer,the new fabric is a great choice and it really pulls your wip figure together well.
Looking loads better. Might I recommend soaking it in water , beating it up a bit ,and draping it in position ? Allow to dry , and I think it will look better , and you will cease worrying about the thickness.
That looks really good and I don't think it's too thick.
I've owned a few real Morrocan examples and they come in a thicker weight version exactly like yours looks, perfectly in scale actually, great work
version 3

I found some striped cotton cloth and dyed the background a darker brown. I like the look of this pattern and it drapes well. The thicker cloth above is synthetic and difficult to work with.

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