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I saw a killer bed posted on Etsy but the cost was prohibitive. My solution was to build my own.

Comfort Bed frame Bed Wood Rectangle

Its made from all things - Knitting needles. They are at every thrift store and come in a variety of diameters measured in mm. I made a jig from 3/4" plywood to do the bending. The side rails are metal taken from hanging file folders.

Furniture Wood Outdoor furniture Comfort Bench

I used a pipe cutter and a hacksaw to do the cutting and LEPAGE - EPOXY STEEL epoxy to glue everything together.

Wood Rectangle Bed frame Automotive tire Automotive exterior

The base of the bed was made from an old thrift store pizza pan. I cut it rough to shape with a miter saw w/carbide blade and sanded to final size.

Brown Rectangle Textile Sleeve Wood

The mattress is made from closed foam with channels cut into it like chocolate squares. The channels were way over done so that it would print through the worn fabric from some old pajamas. I put hot glue randomly in some of the channels and pressed the fabric in as I build the mattress to it looked more lumpy. Super pleased with the results.

Skin Furniture Leg Comfort Cap

Joint Leg Human body Wood Thigh

It needs a paint job but even unpainted looks pretty good. I'll do an antique white that has been distressed/weathered.

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That's genius! I've got plans to make a similar style of bed and I'd been thinking along the lines of wooden dowels but knitting needles would be absolutely perfect, thanks for the inspiration! :D
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