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if you have a body that does not have the HT-like articulated bend at the toe, and you want to use cloth boots (and hold realistic bent foot poses), you can perform this easy mod.

it took longer to photograph and upload the pictures than the actual modification.

parts needed:

super glue
elastic webbing

1. take a foot, and perform a "Russian Ballet" surgery on it by cutting off the toes.

save the toes. 1:6 cooler of ice optional.

2. cut about 1" strip of elastic webbing. its important to use elastic, so that it gives way when the foot is bent.

3. glue the toe onto the tip of the webbing. glue the rest of the webbing under the foot. leave about a 1/16" gap (2 or 3mm) between the toe so that it has enough room to play, but not so much room that the toe and foot joint dont have enough friction to hold place when bent.

do not use too much glue or else it will compromise the elasticity of the webbing.

DONE. took about 18 seconds.



1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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