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High Speed Recon Mech
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You might want to read all the reviews and the "rework" threads about these over in the 6D and the SAG, and indeed there are some very mixed feelings about these. Just do a search in either, using "DiD 251", and the threads will pop up aplenty.

Lots of reports of some having lots of damage in delivery, others look like they arrived just fine.

It's supposed to be the "C" version, but there are some serious problems with how the rear end is shaped on this one to hold that claim. Not very close to being a "D" model either, some even argue it looks like a "post war" version used by other Countries.

It's a LOT of money to spend, some are happy, some others are very much not. IMHO, if you are looking for hardcore accuracy, you might not be happy here, and unless you don't mind cutting up and doing a lot of rework to an expensive piece, again, this one may not be for you.

Ya makes your choices, ya lays your money down.
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