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DiD British officer John Coleman

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Howdy all,

Just had my 40th birthday celebration on Saturday... The big surprise, besides having a lower tolerance for whisky then I thought, I got the newest DiD figure, John Coleman.

Folks, I gotta say DiD has done it again (at least for me). Two complete uniforms, plus a full metal Vicar's for under $75. I do have one bad thing to say and it's about the Vicar's tripod. The front legs are tight and will not open completely, and the back leg is so loose it can't support it's own weight, let alone the added weight of the gun. I think I can fix the problem, but my head was hurting to much to try and figure it out yesterday.

My intention was not to use this figure as is but to use the parts to make and early 20th century dispatch rider (I have a 1920 Indian Scout on order). I still may do that but, this figure is so awesome he needs to be completed and put in a dio all his own. I may use him as a WWI British soldier...

If you are a WWI or WWII freak like myself you need to get this guy.
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Since I've reviewed this figure elsewhere , I thought I'd chip in .

He's a great figure , and DiD are to be congratulated on producing him.I've got two , and will use them as the basis for several figures . These notes are just to let you guys know that there are problems with him as he stands , though he's a great basis for modification into other things , particularly a great War Officer .

There are a couple of points to make : The Vickers is truly excellent , apart from the rear leg of the tripod : all the ones checked so far have the bracket where it fits to the central column on upside-down : you need to push or drill out the pin holding this section , rotate it , and replace the pin with a bit of brass rod.
The ammo belt out to have brass spacers on it : the plain style came in in 1944 , but did not replace the earlier style. The gun is provided in the late great-War - early WW2 configuration : later in WW2 ( 1942 is the earliest pic I can find )they often used a big melon-shaped flash-hider , and the ammunition came in different boxes. Many of them also had an unribbed barrel-jacket , though the ribbed version continued in use .

The uniform has problems : the Service Dress , as has been noted elswhere , was very much a rear-area outfit : no-one anywhere near a combat zone wore it after 1940 , and the boots / gaiters/ riding breeches rig pretty well vanished after 1940. The SD continued as a social and admin uniform , but was worn with matching trousers .

The Service Dress Tunic as provided is actually the Line Infantry cut , NOT that of The Guards, who wore plain cuffs , and buttons grouped according to regiment : Single for Grenadiers , pairs for the Coldstream , threes for the Scots Guards etc. You could make him a Grenadier by removing the cuff pieces.

The rank badges are actually rather good replicas of the embroidered badges WORN ON BATTLEDRESS , not on SD, where bronze versions without the cloth backing were normal: these are not provided.
If you want use them on Battledress the bronze bits need painting to represent white and khaki embroidery.
The cap-badges are fine : all the five Guards regiments , though they are a little large .

The cap itself is too tall.

The knickerbockers are spurious : invented ! Though some have suggested that they are the mountain breeches .

The Sam Browne and the pistol are fine: it's actually the Pistol, Revolver ,.455 No.1 Mark VI , as used in the Great War .

The gaiters are not of a pattern yet discovered in an original photo from 1940 , though the style was occasionally in use in the Great War .The usual style had three short straps and buckles on the front .

The Boots are beautiful !

The Greatcoat is nicely made , of a very fine fabric , with German pebbled buttons !

The helmet , although metal , has too steep an angle to the brim , and the applied metal foil rim is too wide .The strap is also wrong .

The respirator case is OK.

The briefcase is nice !

The other webbing item is supposed to be the pack for carrying the ammo boxes , but it was used with the later style of " sardine can " liners , rather than the ammo box provided .

In the usual DiD style , then , we have a collection of excellent bits that don't quite belong together . The likelihood of a Guards Officer dressed like that in 1940 even knowing how to operate a Vickers are a little thin ! They were operated by specialised Battalions in both the Great War and throughout WW2 .

This is not a knocking excercise : I'm glad they've made him , but if you want an authentic figure he needs a few improvements.

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Thanks for the info on the tripod Tony. I'll see if I can fix it without ruining it.
Cool reveiw,Happy Belated Birthday Knee Joint!!!
rangerg282 said:
Cool reveiw,Happy Belated Birthday Knee Joint!!!
Thanks man! Your actually early, I'm 40 tomorrow. Weird, I was sweating 40 but now that it's tomorrow I'm not sweating it at all. :)
Happy Birthday Kneejoint : it's all downhill from here !
Thanks Tony, I still have 1/2 a day of my 30's left.
Tony, I see that JC's greatcoat has cuffs, whereas I believe the standard OR's greatcoats didn't. Presumably this means the GC is good for officer bashes only?
Are the ammo boxes from John Coleman ok for ww1 ?
Iv'e been looking at the Coleman figure for a while now, there is one very cheap on the bay at the moment, minus the Vickers gun, i might get it anyway. May i ask, where did you order the 1920 Indian Scout from? I'm always looking for bikes on eBay, not come across this one.
As TonyB said, it's excellent, in its parts and bits, although mix matched from inter war period
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