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Did anyone else happen to see...

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....The Happy Holiday's thing from Merit? It has a picture of figure in Multicam, hopefully a sign of things to come. Anyways here it is:

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Well they have a the new anniversary fig and the upcoming ninja in there so maybe we'll get the multicam guy soon. Weird it looks like hes on a did body.
Hope for the best, and expect.........well, I'll believe it when I see it
At WoH, Tony from Merrit was saying that they new ACU and Multicam figures would be out in September of this year.

Seeing as how they were still the prototypes at WoH-- and not production models-- I didn't see how it was possible. But, y'know, you always hope.

They sure looked great, though. Maybe we'll see them on 08'. Or maybe not.
Interesting that he's wearing the "garrison vest". I *think* that's what it's called. It covers the skin tight, moisture wicking part of the shirt when you aren't wearing body armor.

While I think this is a cool uniform and I hope to buy a few if it's ever released, I still like the more conventional RAID/ACU cut Multicam like the limited edition Joe Brennan and the "mystery" EBay uniforms we've been seeing lately.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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