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The core member of the US Rangers team has come. Captain Miller is back after 11 years. We redeveloped everything from the ground up today. The amazing likeness headsculpt with the finest detail and painting. With upgraded HBT pattern, texture and colour, fit leggings, an instantly recognizable iconic "Ranger kit" - assault vest, which make him even more perfect!
Moreover, the all-new Thompson submachine gun and M1911 pistol are now with remarkable detail and painting improvements. The M3 trench knife and M8 scabbard could be worn on the trouser or pistol belt, or attach to the leggings. And the Captain exclusive accessories like BC-611 Radio and Lensatic compass are also included in this release.
Only Caparzo and Reiben could not complete the mission without their Captain. Bring Captain Miller back to them to form a dream team that you are looking for years!…/wwii-us-2nd-ranger-battalion-series-3…/

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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